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Many clients ask us what the difference between solid and stranded cable.today,Comnen engineer will tell you the difference. No matter if your cable is Cat3, Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6 or Cat6a rated, it is also classified as either “solid” or “stranded”.A solid cable is most commonly used as a backbone cable in walls,ceilings and conduit, where […]

Introduction of Network Patch Panel’s installation Network Patch Panels are widely used in the Ethernet cabling installation, the main function of patch panel is to make network cabling neat and beautiful, and the line orderly, and to facilitate future maintenance. Installation procedure is mainly the following three steps: Step 1 The connection to the host […]

Cat5e Network Patch Cable is the version of the enhanced category 5 patch cable, widely used in structured cabling for Ethernet and LAN networks. Provides international standards performance of 100 MHz bandwidth(due to the production tech improved, cat5e patch cables’ performance can be up to 350MHz ), also work with 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX(Fast Ethernet), and  Gigabit Ethernet. The […]

U.S.magazine “Connect” reported on April 25 that before the Google fiber optic high-speed Internet service stationed in Kansas City, veteran broadband provider Verizon, Time Warner Cable   and Comcast did not realize the threats from Google. These industry giants finally started to wake up until Google announced that they will expand its business to Austin, Texas […]

Today, Comnen’s engineers are showing you how to make a fiber optic patch cord 1, optical fiber pretreatment : fiber stripping , the introduction of professional fiber stripping tool , mainly for coating peeling , reduce the damage of the fiber cladding . For multi -mode fiber is concerned, this point is not affected , […]