• Cat6 flat network patch cable
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  • flat cat6 network cable
  • Flat network patch cable

10 Feet Black Flat Cat6 Network Patch Cable

Length,Color,Package:As per your request

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Flat Cat6 Network Patch Cable are a great solution for how to hide cables in a tight space, where regular cat6 patch cables are too big. Our Flat Cat6 Network Cable is made up of 4 pairs of 32AWG(7/0.08mm) stranded bare copper wires, by such ultra thin wires, realized making this cable as small as 6.0*1.5 outside diameter; And two-pieces UTP cat6 rj45 plugs, ensure the cable wires entirely connecting with the contacts of the plugs and the stability of data transmission. Allows you enjoy 350MHz network speed. As a patch cable manufacture, we offer OEM and ODM services, colors and lengths boot as per your request.

  • Flat design, more flexible.
  • Snagless design protects insertion tabs
  • Speed up 350MHz
  • Color as to your request
  • Lengths as to your request

Physical Characteristics

•Cable Type – Cat6 UTP
•Connector Type(s) – RJ45
•Wiring Scheme – T568A or T568B
•Temperature Rating – -20°C to +60°C
•Voltage Rating – 30V


Conductor (Qty. 4 twisted pair)

• Conductor Type – 32AWG(7/0.08), Stranded Bare Copper
• Insulation – HDPE
• Dimeter – 0.55±0.05mm
• Pair Identification:
• Pair1=Orange, Orange-White
• Pair2=Blue, Blue-White
• Pair3=Green, Green-White
• Pair4=Brown, Brown-White

Connector Type (Qty. 2)

• Connector Type – Unshielded 8P8C (RJ45)
• Gender – Male
• Connector Material – Polycarbonate
• Contact Material – Copper Alloy, Gold Plating – 50µm
• Hood Material – Molded PVC

Overall Cable 

• Jacket – PVC/LSZH
• Minimum Average Thickness – 1.50mm
• Outer Diameter – 6.0*1.50mm


Electrical Characteristics

• Conductor DC Resistance – 9.38Ω100m (maximum)
• Impedance – 100Ω
• Capacitance – 5600pf/100m
• Propagation Delay – 545ns/100m (maximum)
• Delay Skew – 45ns/100m (maximum)


Product Application

• Horizontal networks installation
• Gigabit 1000 BASE-T; 100 BASE-T; 10 BASE-T (IEEE 802.3)
• Adapters, Hubs, Switches, Routers, DSL/Cable Modems, Patch Panels etc.

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