Cat8 Shielded System

COMNEN offers a full range Category 8 cabling products for 40GBASE-T at higher bandwidth 2 GHz for 30m short distance links, focus on data center links. Cat 8 Products include Dual Shielded LAN cable(22AWG or 24AWG), Shielded Modular Patch Panel(Empty), Shielded Modular Jack, Shielded Modular Plug, Shielded Patch Cord, Shielded Pigtails, Shielded Pre-Terminated Cable Systems.
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22AWG Solid 25G/40G Cat8 Bulk Cable

Speed:40 Gigabit
Conductor:Solid 22AWG

CAT8 Shielded RJ45 8P8C Field Termination Plug, 40G 2Ghz, 22-26AWG

•Full shielded with zinc alloy housing
•T568A & T568B wiring
•CAT.8 channel performance vertified
•Cable wire gauge : 22AWG to 26AWG
•Cable outer diameter : 7.0 to 8.5mm
•Suitable for the PoE plus (IEEE 802.3at) applications
•Easy, quick and reliable installation

COMNEN Cat 8 Ethernet Network Patch Cord,dual shielded,40G 2000MHz,30m Channel Test

Speed:40 Gigabit
Conductor:Stranded 24/26/28AWG
Length,Color,Package:As per your request

19”1U Shielded Cat.8 Blank Patch Panel 24 Ports Use For Category 8 Keystone Jack With Back Bar

• The empty patch panels are available to snap in by Cat. 8 keystone jack.
• Not included the module in the packaging
• Height: 1U, 24 port
• Snap-in structure, easy to install and unload the module
• Size: 19 inch

Toolless RJ45 Cat 8 Keystone Jack for 40G 2000MHz Network

•CAT 8 Performance Speeds of up to 40G
•8 Pin x 8 Conductor for Streamlined Connection
•High-Density, Slim Profile
•Reliable Connector, and Durable Housing
•Gold-Plated Nickel Contacts Provide Corrosion Resistance and Signal Conductivity
•Easy to Read Wiring Label to Facilitate Installation