comnen copper cabling system

Copper cabling

Nowadays, Fiber optic cable is more popular than Copper cable with a loud voice. Actually, copper cable still has the unique advantage in the reliability.

People tend to think that fiber optic cable can transmit farther and reduce the electromagnetic interference. Guangzhou Telecom is replacing the copper cable within the residents building, using fiber optic cable directly to the home, and said that it can improve Internet speed, in fact, it goes near to the speed of copper cable.

comnen fiber optic cabling system

Fiber cabling

Comnen gets fiber optic cable such as : Fiber Optic Patch Cord ST/PC-ST/PC SM 9/125 Simplex, ST/PC-ST/PC SingleMode 9/125 Duplex,ST/PC-SC/PC MultiMode 50/125 Duplex,SC/PC-ST/PC SingleMode 9/125 Duplex with Clip

“Copper cable quit” and “last kilometer” problem have been always under online discussion, it seems to give a feeling of none other than the fiber cable, while ignoring the copper cable ‘s network construction and operation costs as well as performance and reliability in the significant advantage.

Transmission distance:
Depending on the network speed requirements, copper cable can expand to a few meters. This interconnection terms within the data center is usually more than enough. Whether between single rack inside the server connection, or switch between interchanger inside clusters connection, copper cable both can achieve the highest available bandwidth, reliable and affordable transmission.
Network cost:
Using copper cable costs much lower than fiber optic cable, Passive copper cable cost more than the same length of fiber optic cable to be 2-5 times lower. In a 1,000-node cluster, it may require hundreds of copper cables, which means you can save hundreds of thousands of dollars. If it is more large-scale data center, this way will save millions of dollars. In addition, since copper cable is less power-hungry, low cooling requirements for thermal design can be significant savings in operating costs of the data center. Using copper cable can save hundreds of kilowatts of power than fiber optic cable.
Reliability and speed:
One of the biggest advantages of copper cable is reliability, we usually measure network’s reliability by MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures). Passive copper cable’s MTBF is about 500 million hours, usually higher than an order of magnitude the fiber optic cable’s industrial standard.

Due to the above advantage, up to now, many countries still use copper cable for structure cabling system, therefore, when discuss the copper cable and fiber optic cable, we should be cautious.