Pre-terminated cable provides a plug-and-play solution for links between switches, and servers in the data center. These solutions often include MTP trunk cables, fiber patch cables, and Pre-terminated copper trunk cable.

MTP/MPO Pre-terminated Cable
Pre-terminated with high-quality and good-performance MTP/MPO connectors, this pre-terminated cable can meet the demand for high speed and high density in the current and future network. Generally, there are MTP/MPO trunk cable and MTP/MPO harness cable in this category. Both these two pre-terminated cables can be used for 40G, or even 100G applications.

COMNEN MTP MPO Pre-terminated Cable

LC/SC Pre-terminated Fiber Patch Cable
Divided by different connector type, core diameter and fiber cable structure, there are a wide range of fiber patch cables, such as LC fiber cables, single-mode patch cables and duplex patch cables and so on. Fiber patch cable helps to ensure a reliable temporary fiber optic interconnection, making it become the most commonly used pre-terminated fiber cable in data center.

COMNEN LC SC Pre-terminated Fiber Patch Cable

Pre-terminated Copper Cable
Pre-terminated copper trunk cables provide a quick plug-and-play solution for links between switches, servers, patch panels, and ZDA in the data center. With the right upfront planning and coordination, these trunks can offer major benefits over terminating twisted-pair cable in the field. Copper trunks are typically comprised of bundles of 6, 12, or 24 and factory terminated with jacks and plugs. There are various pre-terminated copper trunk cables available in cat5e, cat6 and cat6a UTP and STP cable construction with different termination types, such as jack to jack, jack to plug, plug to plug, etc. on the market.

COMNEN Factory bundled Cat6 Cat6a Pre-Terminated copper Trunk Cables Harness

COMNEN Factory bundled Cat6 Cat6a Pre-Terminated copper Trunk Cables Harness

Pre-terminated cabling solutions are designed for rapid deployment in data center structured cabling installation and upgrade. They are ideal for environments where performance, flexibility, and scalability are critical. As the on-line leader in providing data center solutions, COMNEN offers all kinds of Pre-terminated MTP/MPO cables, LC/SC Pre-terminated cables and Pre-terminated copper trunk cables. All of our products are 100% tested for good quality and high performance. Custom service are available for special needs.