Installation Tips

04Nov 2015

Punching tool usage introduction and RJ45 keystone jack installation Today, network cabling products provider Comnen Technology‘s engineer is going to introduce punching tool usage and rj45 keystone jack installation. In order to understand the RJ45 keystone jack installation, first of all, we need to know there are 2 wiring types: T568A and T568B T568A mode:①white/green ②green ③white/orange ④blue ⑤white/blue ⑥orange ⑦white/brown ⑧brown T568B […]

22Oct 2015
how to crimp rj45 connector step 6

Today we are going to learn how to crimp RJ45 connectors with a lan cable, Comnen’s engineer will introduce the easiest and most reliable way for you. Step 1 Choose your cable and the right RJ45 connectors First of all, you should confirm the cable and connectors are the same category, means cat5e cable couple […]

19Oct 2015
patch panel installation step 1

Introduction of Network Patch Panel’s installation Network Patch Panels are widely used in the Ethernet cabling installation, the main function of patch panel is to make network cabling neat and beautiful, and the line orderly, and to facilitate future maintenance. Installation procedure is mainly the following three steps: Step 1 The connection to the host […]

24Sep 2015
Comnen fiber optic patch cords making Process

Today, Comnen’s engineers are showing you how to make a fiber optic patch cord 1, optical fiber pretreatment : fiber stripping , the introduction of professional fiber stripping tool , mainly for coating peeling , reduce the damage of the fiber cladding . For multi -mode fiber is concerned, this point is not affected , […]